Cooperation with Organisations and/or Individuals

We have over the years managed to respond in cash and / or kind to a variety of health and medical request needs from Malawi’s hospitals. The donations below were made by organisations & individuals through MAHECAS.

  • MAHECAS, Air Malawi and VSO gave assistance to Mrs. J. Dennis, (a physiotherapist from Cambridge), to transport a large consignment of Zimmer frames and clutches she collected from her local hospitals for Malawi Against Polio (MAP).
  • CSP Distributors through MAHECAS donated medicines and equipment to Malawi Hospitals.
  • CSP through MAHECAS arranged bursaries for four nurses at Liongwe (Kamuzu) Central Hospital.
  • Kenneth Lee Trust through MAHECAS donated £3,000.00 for the renovation of the Radiology Department in memory of Lyness Mkweteza.
  • The Rotary Club of Boston; the Inner Wheel Club of Rushen and Western Mann (Mrs Vanerpump), Isle of Man; and the Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool, all made donations to MAHECAS to help health and medical services in Malawi.
  • Lynne Bliss donated to MAHECAS a large consignment of medical syringes which were sent to Chilumba and Lilongwe hospitals.
  • Mrs Kang’ombe donated to MAHECAS a defibrillator which was sent to Malawi.
  • Dr Mbaya donated to MAHECAS blood equipments which were sent to Malawi.
  • Mr Mseka donated to MAHECAS sutches which were sent to Malawi.
  • MAHECAS donated £1,000.00 through the Malawi High Commission towards the Malawi Famine Relief Fund.
  • MAHECAS donated £2,000.00 to aid Flood Relief effort in Malawi.
  • Jansen Cilag donated through MAHECAS laboratory kits, syringes and needles to Lilongwe and QECH hospitals.
  • Mrs Travena through MAHECAS donated vacuum extractor (for delivering babies) and 2 Sonicaids for monitoring foetal heart rate.
  • Students from Ashville College, Harrogate through MAHECAS donated £1,250.00 worth of orthopaedic and theatre equipment and glucometer (measuring blood sugar).
  • Donations received in the UK for the Chira Chairty are channelled through MAHECAS to Malawi. MAHECAS donated £400.00 to Chira Fund to build shelter and buy medical equipment for QECH.
  • Linen and beddings donated to Malindi Hospital.


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