Chairpersons Message

Our Chairpersons Message

Our Dear Supporters,

On behalf of the Malawi Health Care Support UK (MAHECAS, UK) executive committee, it is with pleasure that I welcome you all to this website. I hope you will enjoy going through the website and also get yourself acquainted with our work. Your continued support has made it possible for the charity to continue to fulfill its commitments in Malawi over the years.

Since its formation in 1995, MAHECAS, UK has grown from strength to strength. All this has been possible due to your untiring support and continued fundraising activities.

Our now well established fundraising activities, for example, the annual Dinner, Annual walk and International Food tasting, have continued to attract a lot of participants and hope you will continue to support these events. Can I also make an appeal to everyone to organise fundraising activities in your local areas, as it is only by doing this that we can meet our objectives.

Most of you have continued to give money to MAHECAS, UK through direct debit or donations and I wish to thank you also for this as this will make a difference to the lives of the beneficiaries in Malawi. Please encourage your friends to do the same, because in addition to the donation we also get a top up from the Inland Revenue if you are a tax payer. For more information, please visit our Fundraising page.

The Executive committee welcome any suggestions that will assist MAHECAS, UK fulfilling its obligation. Once again thanking you for your support.

Prescott Kaliati
Chairperson of Malawi Health Care Support (UK)


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