MAHECAS UK Elects New Committee Members

MAHECAS UK has elected new executive committee members at our AGM held on 5 March 2016. The entire executive committee, our donors and supporters would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Milika Matiti and Janet Kabambe who have served in their current positions for a long time.

The AGM has elected Prescott Kaliati as the new Chair with Ken Kasambara elected as our new Treasurer. The AGM also made the following changes:

  • Five new members were identified to strengthen the Executive Committee. The individuals were identified based on their strengths in specific areas where MAHECAS needs increased capacity and strengthening. The identified individuals are: Kenneth Bowazi, Rhodrick Kalumpha, Janine Sankhani, Augustine Chipungu & Saidi Phiri.
  • The other members still in the committee are: Harry Mabaso – Secretary, Watipaso Mkandawire and Mac Banda
  • The total number of the Executive Committee members is now eleven.
  • The AGM was at liberty to suggest additional names;
  • The position of Vice Chair which was previously occupied by Prescott Kaliati is yet to be filled as the Executive Committee has yet to identify and agree on the suitable person. This will be undertaken at the next Executive Committee meeting.

The AGM noted that the Constitution gives mandate to the Executive Committee to co-opt new members of the Executive if there is need and that positions within the Executive Committee can be swapped.


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