Pedal for Malawi Healthcare

On 30th June 2018, Eddie Gondwe, Charles Nasoro, Jailosi Gondwe and Mphatso Lizi are cycling 68 miles (109 km) across Lincolnshire from Scunthorpe to Boston to raise money to support efforts by the Malawi Health Care Support UK (MAHECAS) at facilitating the provision of medical and other equipment to rural health units in Malawi.

We are appealing for donations for the procurement of a Gas Operated Autoclave which will be used to sterilise surgical equipment in the maternity theatre at Ndirande Health Centre, Blantyre, Malawi. The theatre is often closed due to lack of sterile equipment which is primarily due to the recurrent intermittent electric power cuts and supply.

A Gas Operated Autoclave will ensure a continuous supply of sterile theatre equipment which in turn will ensure that more women deliver locally at the centre without having to endure an often painful and bumpy transfer to the main hospital of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

Please click here to visit the Virgin Money Giving page, to donate and support this great cause.


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