The Hospital Beds Project Update

Towards the end of last year, MAHECAS made an appeal for funds to help with the shipping of 600 hospital beds from the UK to Malawi, for hospitals run by the government. The appeal appeared here on our website, on Facebook and other media channels and platforms.

On Tuesday 19th March, ten big sea containers carrying 600 hospital beds and 200 mattresses left the London Gateway port, on a ship heading for Nacala port on its way to Lilongwe, Malawi. MAHECAS has finally done it but this is just a start. We hope to do much more to help with good healthcare delivery in Malawi hospitals. In two months’ time, we hope to send another two containers carrying 400 mattresses.

MAHECAS would like to thank all those that help publicise the appeal and special thanks those that donated their hard earned cash to the appeal.

It was not easy. It was tough but there were many determined individuals who made sure that MAHECAS succeed in its endeavour.

We thank the CEO and Senior Management at Medstrom Limited for not only providing the beds and mattresses but for donating a very significant amount of money towards the shipping costs. Nothing was going to be possible without David Belli the CEO and Scott Apsey. From learning about our story and wanting to be part of the solution, their desire and drive to work with MAHECAS has been amazing.

A big thank you also goes to the Malawi High Commissioner to the UK Mr Kena Mphonda for the pivotal role he played in bringing our appeal to the attention of the Malawi Government Senior officials at Capital Hill. The High Commissioner, together with our MAHECAS Coordinator in Malawi Dr C Mwansambo who is also a Senior Official at the Ministry of Health convinced the other Senior Government Officials to positively respond to MAHECAS. For this reason, the Malawian Government contributed the biggest part of the funds needed for the shipping costs.

The appeal goes on, and in about two months’ time we will need more funds for shipping two containers taking 400 mattresses. Our last appeal was shared on Facebook about 500 times but without a penny. If each share donated say £10, the story could have been different.

To donate to this worthwhile cause, and make a difference to Malawi Hospitals, please visit our GoFundMe page here. Thank you all for your great support.

To find out more about our work, you can also visit our Projects page here. For anything else send us an email at:


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